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The world is made of caves.

It is within the cave cities that our protagonist, Kigg, makes a living as a member of the Void Scouts, a courageous group of explorers, protectors, and monster hunters for hire. The Void Scouts work constantly to protect the cave-bound cities they live in from the potential threat of the Void Zone, a dangerous field of psychic energy which can quickly kill those who enter unprepared.

But strange things have been happening both in and out of the Zone. People have been going missing. Unfamiliar robotic beasts, volatile energy seeping into the physical realm from the Zone, and talk of strange monsters abound - and Kigg, starry-eyed and eager to help others, must face them all and then some. His eyes are fixed on a sky he has never seen, but his heart lies with helping the people around him. Surely, he cannot reach for the stars and protect the people of the underground… not without a good reason.

The Void Scouts protect the people of the caves, but when calamity befalls the Void Scouts, who will protect them? There is only one choice: survive.

In Void Zone, you will explore unique cave cities, battle mysterious creatures, gather items from your surroundings, and unravel the mysteries of the strange psychic Void Zone surrounding the pockets of civilization around you. This game features turn-based combat, item gathering, and elemental party members and enemies who react differently to different attacks. Void Zone contains 100% original assets and is completely free to play!


Adventurous and ambitious, Kigg always thinks on the bright side. He dreams of seeing the surface of the planet one day, but he doesn't let his dreams interfere with his duties as a scout. One should not confuse his positive attitude for ineptitude, however - he is dedicated and quick to act in moments of peril.

One of the Void Scouts' mercenaries, Xuen takes jobs from both the Troop's Captain and from townspeople seeking assistance. She lives for the fight, and finds days off boring - fighting monsters is the thrill that she lives for. She may be chill and casual, but her drive is unrivaled, and she won't back down once she has her heart set on a goal.

Leader of the Void Scouts of the city of Yath Mithoa, Valsper is a cool and collected leader who does his best to ensure both the townspeople and his Troop are doing well. He cares deeply for people as a whole, and expresses it through a stern yet friendly demeanor. Trusting but cautious, if he thinks something may be wrong or if someone comes to him with a problem, he's always willing to try to fix it.

An experienced mercenary, Zieri is viewed as an inspiration among both civilians and Void Scouts alike. His skill and experience may make him appear untouchable, but any of his close friends and colleagues will tell you that he's secretly quite easy to worry. He hides it well, but he gets anxious about the world around him often, and struggles to act based on logic rather than impulse.

A skittish newbie, Lammi is young and nervous and quite insecure. His first response to trouble is to run away, but if he's cornered, he's capable of some interesting things. An optimist who loves nature, he may not be the most physically inclined of the Scouts, but he knows about the world around him and seems to know when people are being honest - or lying.

Published Jan 29, 2017
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsFantasy, RPG Maker, Sci-fi

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